How To Effectively Review A Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are essential to the success of any business product or service. So, it’s no surprise that a campaign strategy is often created after hours of effort and hard work. After all, the campaign is what will help your consumers decide if they want to buy your product or not.

As part of the creation of any strategy, it is important to thoroughly review it before its implemented. Revisions of campaigns and strategies help spot areas for improvement and delivers a bullet-proof strategy. It also provides constructive feedback that will result in success.

Here are a few ways in which you can effectively review your marketing campaign.


Determining the return on investment is an integral part of any review. ROI is one of the biggest concerns of any business owner and rightly so as it determines how much value is being derived for the firm from the money being invested.

To measure the ROI, it is important to calculate how much money is invested in a campaign vs. the money a campaign has generated or is predicted to generate. In case some parts of the campaign fall short, recommendations should be made to increase their effectiveness.

Customer Response

An evaluation of customer response for past campaigns can help in getting an idea of how well a similar campaign will fare. Online surveys, general feedback and online conversations can all act as good measures of the effectiveness of campaigns.

Outside Feedback

Once in a while, it is important to show your projects to an unbiased party that has no vested interests in the creation and implementation of the work. This feedback is essential to improving a campaign as it provides insight from an ‘outsider’ and gives an idea of how the work will be perceived by the general public.

Campaign reviews can be lengthy, but when done right, can yield substantial benefits for your business.

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