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Art & Design Critique Platform

• Critique with peers.

• Improve art and design skills.

• Validate artwork and designs.

• Actionable feedback.

• A critique for a critique.

All through our art and design critique website, you are able to achieve this value. Critiques are a very important part of any creative person’s process.

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Art & Design Critique Community

Our community is filled with creative people, artists and designers of all kinds. Beginners to experts, peers to pros all have the need for a critique at some point in their creative process. Join in and critique with creatives of all kinds!

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Professional Art & Design Critique

Would you like an in depth critique from a professional artist or designer? Contact us through the Pro Critique form! You will receive a detailed professional critique of your work that will be no less than 2 full paragraphs.

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The Critiquer Mission

Critiquer is a unique critique platform for artists, designers, and creative people, which was founded on the value of a critique. A critique can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project or a passing and failing grade for students. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right person to give an actionable critique.

Before Critiquer, there were only a few critique groups on social media that were easy to be passed over when seeking a critique. These critique groups never provide actionable critiques either, just a thumbs up or smile emoji, and when has that helped anyone?

On Critiquer, we promote actionable critiques rather than useless emojis or two word critiques. The online platform is also based on a critique for a critique. When uploading your work for critique, we implore you to critique a peer so that the community is give & take, not just take & take.

From the team at Critiquer, we hope you will upload in any state of frustration or satisfaction with your work. If it’s late at night and the project is due the next morning or if it’s in its earliest stages, all projects are welcome. From logos, hand drawings, oil paintings to 3D motion graphics and furniture design, we hope that you will engage in the full critique process with your peers!

Critiquer is the ultimate critique platform for designers, artists and anyone wanting to bring their creative work to life.


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