How To Deal With A Bad Critique As An Artist

Have you ever received an excessively harsh critique on your art or design project? You are not alone.

Critiques are an important part of any creative person’s process.

Every time you make something new, your work will be critiqued by fellow artists.

But, a critique can be good or bad. While a positive critique can make your day, a bad critique can sometimes be difficult to forget.

Creative people put a lot of love, emotion and effort into their projects. A bad critique can take a toll their self-confidence and creative abilities.

If you are dealing with a bad critique, here is how to handle it like a pro:

Think Before Responding

Let’s admit it, it’s difficult hearing unnecessary criticism of your work. As soon as you hear a negative comment, chances are your heart might start racing faster.

But, do not respond immediately in the heat of the moment. Allow your brain to process the situation and to decide whether you should respond or not.

Do Not Get Defensive

Do not counterattack or get defensive. That’s the worst way to react to a critique. When you get defensive, it actually shows that you care about the person who criticized you.

Ignore or Learn

The best way to deal with a harsh critique is to either ignore it or use it to improve your artistic skills.

Identify the source of the critique. Who is critiquing your work? Are they a creative artist? Are they familiar with your creative field and your work? What makes them qualified to be giving feedback?

Keep in mind, a critique can be objective or personal. If you feel that the person critiquing your work is crossing a line, it’s best to walk away.

On the other hand, if their critique is vague, ask what you can do to make improvements.

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