Using Critiquer® to think through a project of any kind and receive feedback.

Have you ever felt like you aren’t creative? Have you ever tried a creative project and it just wasn’t working or you weren’t feeling it? Critiquer is here to tell you that you are creative and that project is working! It is just a matter of thinking through it properly. This is one of the many values of a critique!

Let us run through a situation so we can prove that everyone is creative. Say you are given an assignment either at work, or school, sometimes even at home. Wether you have done this assignment before or it’s completely new, you need to first, think through the steps to accomplish this assignment. Say this assignment is creating a document with text. First you need to compile everything that should go into the document and then you need to think through how you will execute this document. Right there, even this task is a creative project and you had to use your creativity to get you to this point. While executing this project, you also need to use your creativity to put this document together is a comprehensible form that others will accept.

Now let’s for a moment say that while creating this document, you get stuck because you feel it isn’t going the way you want it to go. You are thinking, “Something is missing and I don’t know what it is.”, well, this is where feedback or a creative critique can come in. Even if you receive a critique that doesn’t help you, or let’s be honest, isn’t what you want to hear, it will still re-frame your thinking about the project and help you move past where you were stuck. You may get that extra boost you need to finish the project the way you wanted.

Having a second set of eyes look over your work in any matter of project will always be a helping hand. So, if you are ever stuck on on project, reach out to us, we love to help and problem solve with people on a variety of projects!

Critiquer® is an online creative critique platform that helps artists, designers, and creative people to connect, critique and learn from each other, promoting beautiful design work.

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