Welcome to Critiquer, the online platform to critique your peers, get out of an art or design block and improve your art and design work by being involved in a critique community!

Lets go over how it works.

Posting Your Work

To get started, you can upload your artwork or design. At first your post will not be published for all to see, only you. To unlock your post, you need to give a critique to one of your peers! Earn two credits by giving a solid critique to another user looking for help just as you are. This is the biggest “rule” for critiquer, a critique for a critique. Alternatively, you can buy credit packs if you aren't finding yourself in a position to critique anyone. Heres the thing though, we don't want you to buy credits! We want you out there critiquing peers as much as possible!

Earning Credits

Once you have uploaded your post, head over to the Critiquer home page and search through recent uploads to find a post you would like to critique. Remember to be kind, fair and helpful to all. There can be times when “tough love” can be useful, but just not too tough. There is a 10 word minimum for each critique, we here at Critiquer are not ok with emoji critiques or two word critiques, those do not qualify as a critique. The point of this platform is to get used to giving actionable critiques. Sharing is caring!

Unlocking Your Work For Critique

Once you've given a critique, you will have earned credits to publish your first work for public critique. Navigate to your profile, where you will see your creations toward the bottom of the page. Apply your earned or bought credits to the post and wait for critiques to come in.

Pro Critiques

Not satisfied with the advice or critiques you are receiving? You have the option to purchase a Pro Critique of your work from one of our professional Critiquers. Navigate to the Pro Critique section of the website at the top of any page and purchase a Pro Critique to receive a professional and personalized critique.