Amature artists by Somnath Mukherjee on 22-December-2017
By ball pen
Ester Furlan

I like this drawing. The shading is very good, keep going :)

2 months ago |Rated By: 0 |
Somnath Mukherjee

Thank you @stathi for your information, Thank you @Michale, @Sabrina

3 months ago |Rated By: 0 |
stathi lastnamicus

Great work! Agree with Michael - a strong understanding of the anatomy/bone structure will provide you with a little of the tweaking you need to make this perfect. Recommend checking out the golden section theory as well.

3 months ago |Rated By: 1 |
Sabrina Summers

Wow! This was created by pen, amazing ! I can't even do linework with a pen because the ink always get stuck.

3 months ago |Rated By: 1 |
Michael P.

Very nice work. I think if you do more studies of faces and anatomy, you'll improve a lot more. The lips seem to be a little bit uneven here and there

3 months ago |Rated By: 3 |
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