Hold on. by Priyanka Rawat on 19-December-2017
Never let it go...
Ester Furlan

I like this drawing, its great. The only thing u could improve is - add a little bit more of black colour. But its great! :)

2 months ago |Rated By: 0 |
Sabrina Summers

Ya damn right, well in most cases. Let go of toxic people bit not people who treat you right and make you happy

3 months ago |Rated By: 0 |
Priyanka Rawat

Thank you Joseph for your suggestion. I will try to be better next time.

3 months ago |Rated By: 0 |
joseph dent

Nice drawing! The one thing that is throwing me off is the bracelet, it seems like its melting metal or even melting rubber. I feel like there should be slightly more space between the fingers too. Hands are really hard to draw so nice job!

3 months ago |Rated By: 1 |
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