Pheobe's Snow Cones by Kaleigh Gillum on 13-March-2018
This is some ideas for a logo for a client. It's a snow cone company and the mascot is phoebo, the dog. The client wants the dog to be eating the snow cone (exactly how it is in the bottom left including the placement of the words 'snow cones.') These are first drafts but am in need of some feedback please :)
Christine Saragian

Don't love the placement of the text I think it's a little difficult to follow. I really like the cone on the bottom right.

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Michael P.

Honestly, I don’t like the clients request, I prefer the top middle with thinner type for the snow cone type. I think there’s too much space in the apostrophe “s”. As for the clients request, maybe the dog and snow cone could be smaller so it’s not taking away the focus from the name. Nice work!!

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