People don't care how much you know ... by Jiki Watanabe on 29-March-2018
A different way :)
Carlos Rodriguez

There is one quotation mark missing. I really like the font but using the second line just for writing "until" don't fit and make it harder to read. And i think that if you don't cut the flower, it would look better. With half flower it looks like the photo doesn't load properly. 4 out of 5. I like your style

4 weeks ago |Rated By: 1 |
Pete Antwerp

This looks like a nice improvement on the previous version. The end quotation mark is missing. The wording breakup is throwing me off a little, and all the bottom line is blurred a bit which doesn't make sense compared to the rest of it.

4 weeks ago |Rated By: 2 |
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