Tales By Ashley by Ashley Noblet on 30-January-2018
Would love to be critiqued on my photography logo!
Gibran McNeal

I think that if you perhaps removed the words and decreased the size of the circle to be solely around the camera and pictures. I think that that would give it a "stamp-like" look, and then you could fit Tales by Ashley underneath of it.

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Declan Ingram

Yes great design, I agree with the other comment but also think that you should try it with a font that isn’t in italics? Could look better maybe ????

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jorge w

I like the concept and the look, but I feel like the overall logo is too busy for a logo. For instance if you just had the camera and the three slides behind with "Tales By Ashley" it would be fine without the circle of squares.But if you are keeping that, I would make the type bigger. Cool design!

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